Alma 46:12 “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives and our children…”

Welcome to the home of Saints at War. Feel free to investigate various features of our webpage. Be sure to look at some of the images we have posted as well as facts and stories of our veterans.

Of course, one of the chief reasons for maintaining the website is to invite you or those you know to contribute their stories to the Saints at War Project. Please find our contact information if you feel so inclined.

The Saints at War Project has been organized to Educate, Pay Tribute, and to Deepen Gratitude for those who come here for those who have done so much to preserve freedom in times of war. God bless our veterans and their families.

Please come back to our homepage often for updates and feel free to share our address with others. It is our hope that as the word spreads of our modest project we will attract others who will want to share their stories and preserve this important history for future generations.

Be sure to fly your flag on Flag Day and the Fourth of July!

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