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Saints at War Mission: The purpose of this research is to educate individuals about the legacy of LDS experiences in Wartime, and to help deepen appreciation for those who defend our liberties as well as to pay tribute to their service.


  1. I was among the last soldiers to be evacuated from North Korea on Dec 24 1950. I was a member of the 3rd Infantry Division and our last mission in North Korea was to cover for the !st Marine Division as they left the Chosin Reservoir area and were evacuated to Pusan South Korea

  2. William–I’m so embarrassed to say I only just saw this comment. Is there any chance you could call me at 801-361-1234? Or, I would be happy to call you. What an important experience it would be to get to know more of your story. Again, I’m so sorry I missed this note. You can also write me at robertfreeman@byu.edu. Have a good day.

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